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How Scently Box was born

There is a beauty in living a simple life. You appreciate life more, your life gets stress-free and you feel more contented. Moreover, you enjoy a greater control over life and its problems, like it happened to me when I started making my own beauty products.
After shifting to Texas, I started experiencing a lot of skin issues. Like everybody else, I initially tried over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs. They not only failed to alleviate my problem but created a whole lot of new issues. I decided to use my creativity to treat the conditions. I started creating my own beauty products. I made Shea body butter first and that made me confident.
Soon, I started experimenting with more ingredients and created a whole line of beauty products for myself. My life became simple and fulfilling. I knew what I was putting on my skin. I felt liberated. I bade good bye to the harsh chemicals and embraced only natural and organic elements.
What began as an endeavor to eliminate my own skin problems soon became a passion to help others. I launched Scently Box to assist others with skin problems. I wanted to extend my knowledge and show others to lead a natural and simple life.
Subscribers to my company are treated with a surprise gift every month. They receive a box of handcrafted products. I have soaps, lotions, facial creams and many more products in my repertoire. They are manufactured from carefully chosen natural ingredients. A lot of care and love goes into making each product.
Depending on the subscription you select - mini, mod or ultra, you would receive monthly or quarterly gift boxes from me. These boxes contain all the beauty products you need to take care of yourself. Made from finest materials handpicked by me and prepared in the most hygienic way, they are full of goodness of nature and would keep your skin soft, supple and healthy – just the way you want.
So, subscribe today and gift your skin the natural goodness it deserves.